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International Polymer Exhibition

The KPLEX-2024, is the 1st Edition & 3rd Event By Karnataka State Polymers Association is being Held the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre in Bengaluru, India from April 26th to 29th 2024.

The event provides a common platform for participants in the plastic industry- manufactures dealers, buyers and end-users and also widely renowned for helping participants stay updates with the latest technological trends.

It is supported immensely by the industries across India & Globe. It has the patronage from the major polymer producers and Govt. of India along with local governments.

about us The conducting of these KPLEX’24 across all the southern states is to focus local entrepreneurs and expose them to the globe to have more business coverage and to reap the benefit of globalization in form of Exports to international standards. This in turn benefits all the industries connected with plastic and boosts our image among the global competitors.

KPLEX’24 will promote the growth of Plastics Processing Industries in South India. It is an exhibition on plastics in India which provides opportunities for the manufacturers of processing machinery, auxiliary equipment and finished goods to showcase their capabilities and widen their market base. The exposition will display the latest developments in technology of processing, choice of raw materials, additives, etc.

The new innovation of KPLEX’24

Recycle Pavilion – Now Emerging Market
Plastics in Medical Industry – Growing that served a lot past pandemic time throughout the world.
We, welcome you for the KPLEX’24 with positive benefits to the industries participating and request you to hurry up for registering to Exhibit/Visit.